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İyi Kalpler Dükkanı

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Re-branding, Financial Model Design, Product Photography, Product Designn, Content Creation

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Community Volunteers Foundation

Joon worked with the Community Volunteers Foundation's İyi Kalpler Dükkanı (Good Hearts Shop) Economic Enterprise to undertake a rebranding and rapid fundraising initiative. The first step was to understand the enterprise's core values and mission, and align them with the needs and aspirations of the community. Joon then developed a comprehensive repositioning strategy that included a new brand identity, messaging, and operational changes. This repositioning helped the enterprise to better communicate its mission and connect with donors and investors. Joon then supported the enterprise in conducting a rapid fundraising campaign to secure the necessary funding for its operations. Through this process, Joon provided expert guidance and support to the enterprise, helping it to revitalize its operations and increase its financial sustainability. Overall, Joon's approach to rebranding and fundraising was community-centered and focused on creating a sustainable impact.

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