By delivering the products to our customers, we contribute to the economic strengthening of our manufacturers.


As the Joon family, we are meeting creative hands with design since 2016. By working with disadvantaged groups, we are weaving crafts with modern production techniques and carrying it to daily life. Each product coming from the hands of our producers is an ambassador of empathy. With these products, while telling the stories of our producers, we are inviting our customers to lives they never knew before and remembering our shared values.

We meet the manufacturers who are disadvantaged in society and earn their lives with non-industrial production. Together with them, we understand their competencies in the best way.

With the skill-based production method, we develop design solutions that best suit the competencies of our beneficiaries. 

How We Work ?



A:   Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi, 1329. Cadde No:12 Daire:6 

Çankaya/ Ankara/ Türkiye


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