Arm in Arm

We made these bracelets to remember that the world of our dreams is possible. Because when we are arm in arm, we have the power to realize our dreams together.

We give you one bracelet for each bracelet you purchase. We ask you to present one of them to a friend you want to be arm in arm with. Because we want to share a secret with them; 

The world you live in is shaped by the decisions you make every day. Take a look around, you will see that there is a social enterprise that solves a social problem while providing you the services you need. You can open the doors of a more free and fair world by coming together with social enterprises while deciding on the products and services you will purchase.

You can take the first step by joining the arm-in-arm movement with these bracelets!


A:   Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi, 1329. Cadde No:12 Daire:6 

Çankaya/ Ankara/ Türkiye


© 2020 Joon 

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