Means " Life" in Farsi.


Joon was born from the united powers of a designer and a business graduate. We had been organizing workshops and meetings in Ankara to bring people together to think, talk and take action on topics that they have never thought about, using Human-Centered Design practices. While looking out for a way to carry our efforts to the next stage, one of the world's biggest social entrepreneurship competitions, Hult Prize, pushed us to get our hands on the matter. While working for the competition under the theme ‘Re-Awakening the Human Potential’ for refugees, we realized one thing: people’s self-esteem comes from standing on their own feet. While looking for ways to make this real for refugees, we realized how many people under temporary protection in Turkey were so open to creative production. Our solution was to meet centuries-old artisanal traditions with contemporary interpretations in their hands.

Today, Joon is a capacity development platform for producer groups of limited income. We are aiming to facilitate the socio-economic participation of people such as women, the disabled and immigrants, who cannot sustain their livelihood because of external reasons.

To do this, we are developing the most adequate designs for their production, by understanding their production potential and limitations. The thing we are caring the most about is for these products to tell the stories of their producers and to enter your daily life. On this path we created with Joon, we are inviting you, our prosumers, to this journey of empathy!



A:   Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi, 1329. Cadde No:12 Daire:6 

Çankaya/ Ankara/ Türkiye


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